Concentration (Elective Focus): Health Policy & Public Health

The HPPH elective concentration is paused until further notice. 


The Health Policy & Public Health Concentration offers students the opportunity to analyze and critique health policy and public issues at local, state, national and international levels. Interested students are exposed to the role and importance of nurses’ engagement in health policies in health care delivery and population health arenas.

The objectives are to 1) assess the policy dimensions of issues in clinical practice, teaching, research and leadership/administration to identify how practice and policy are interrelated 2) develop knowledge on policy theory and advocacy and apply skills to policy areas of interest. 3) recognize the importance of using data and research to informing health policy and advocacy.


Students who wish to be recognized as having completed the concentrated elective focus must register their intent to take the focus by emailing the administrative coordinator [email protected] and completing the online Health Policy & Public Health Focus completion form here. Please complete the form by the time you enroll in your final course. Students should discuss their interest in this focus with their advisor; students can also confer with the Health Policy & Public Health concentration coordinators (Susan Chapman and Kate Holbrook) or the administrative coordinator, Brandee Woleslagle Blank ([email protected]) when choosing courses and determining how to fit courses into their specialty program schedules.


  • Students are required to take 3 courses with a minimum of 6 units to complete the focus.
  • Course requirements include: N253, N215, plus at least one additional course that appears on the Health Policy & Public Health model curriculum (see below).
  • Courses may not overlap with the requirements of the student’s specialty or with the requirements to fulfill another focus.
  • Courses for the concentration may be taken as pass/no pass if desired.
  • Not all courses are taught each year, so students will need to determine how to complete the focus given their program requirements.  Students should check the UCSF the course schedule, and the course catalog when registering for classes each quarter. Additionally, the "S" courses are also listed at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences course schedule page. Students are encouraged to speak with the HPPH administrative coordinator, Brandee Woleslagle Blank about how to best fit classes into the schedule of their specialty.
  • Independent study, policy research practicum, or health policy residency may be substituted for one course. Please speak to Susan Chapman, Kate Holbrook or Brandee Woleslagle Blank in advance of making these substitutions

 Courses that count towards the Focus

REQUIRED: N253 Theories of the Policy Process (offered every Fall)
Course focuses on learning and using theories of the policy process, including analyzing how health policy problems are constructed. Perspectives on agenda setting, media roles, advocacy, policy innovation, diffusion, and implementation will be integrated with examples of policy problems.
ent, emotional impact, and predictive variability of genetic screening will be explored.

REQUIRED: N215 Advanced Public Health Nursing (offered every Fall) Course focuses on the foundations of advanced public health nursing to promote and protect the public’s health, taking into consideration socioecological contextual factors that influence diverse populations and their interface with community and public health systems.

REQUIRED : one more course of at least 2 units that appear on our HPPH curriclum: 

Students completing the concentration must register by completing the online Health Policy & Public Health Focus form here. Please complete the form by the time you enroll in your final HPPH concentration course.

Upon completion, students can add the concentration to their CV.  To request a certificate of completion, please send an email to Brandee Woleslagle Blank.